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Visiting Lofton Chiropractic Clinic to address back pain, neck pain or general discomfort in your body allows you to identify the underlying causes of your concerns. When you visit us, we provide the tools you need to focus on recovering and healing. Understanding what to expect during your first visit with us can help you determine when to see assistance for your health goals.

Initial Intake
The initial intake refers to the basic information a chiropractor needs to make a treatment plan. We ask for your health history to ensure your safety during treatment. We need to know about any chronic conditions, physical injuries or discomfort you experience. If you have faced certain medical complications, then we may ask for specific details or information.

After obtaining the initial information, the Chiropractor needs to develop a treatment plan and avoid safety concerns so we conduct a physical examination. A physical exam focuses on identifying the potential problems causing your pain or discomfort.

We may ask you to walk or move in certain ways to evaluate the way you hold your body and move. We check on the position of your spine and neck as part of our exam. Depending on the situation and the pain you describe, we may also look for concerns like scoliosis or problems associated with physical injuries. The physical exam identifies the complications and problems associated with your situation.

If your visit to our clinic relates to an auto accident or a physical injury, then we may use certain diagnostic tools to check for specific concerns during the exam. For example, we may take an x-ray if we have concerns about broken or cracked bones due to an injury in an auto accident. Our team uses appropriate diagnostic tools based on the information provided during the intake and the health concerns you describe during the exam.

Developing a Treatment Plan
Each treatment plan at Lofton Chiropractic Clinic is personalized for your goals and health. We only develop a plan of action after the intake and exam to ensure that our solutions will assist with your goals.

We use several tools to help with your recovery and health. We use tools like decompression therapy and spinal adjustments to improve the function of your spine. We may also use massage therapy as part of a treatment plan when the pain stems from pulled and strained muscles or the injuries cause tension in the muscles. Our corrective exercises also help your body regain flexibility and mobility without taking unnecessary risks with your physical well-being. We supervise the exercises and stretches while teaching proper posture to limit the risks.

The first visit at Lofton Chiropractic Clinic focuses on identifying your specific needs and goals. We develop a treatment plan and make recommendations to improve your situation. To learn more about our treatment strategies or set up an appointment, contact us today.


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