Joint Pain in Center Point

Joint Pain in Center Point AL

Chiropractic Care for Joint Pain in Center Point

Joint pain can occur due to injuries or an underlying medical condition that affects the joints, such as arthritis. It is also normal for people to develop sore joints as they get older. If you suffer from ongoing pain in your knees, back, hips or other joints, Lofton Chiropractic Clinic offers safe and effective treatment for joint pain in Center Point.

Reliable Treatment for Joint Pain
Joint pain is associated with a wide range of potential causes. This type of pain can be caused by old or recent injuries or inflammation due to gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other health conditions. In some cases, joint pain is mild and only causes minor problems, but in other cases, pain can be severe enough to prevent you from doing routine activities. If joint pain is severe, it can limit your range of motion and make it uncomfortable for you to bend the affected joints. If this occurs, it can have a serious impact on your quality of life.

Whether you have back, hip or knee pain in Center Point, we offer treatment that is both safe and effective at easing discomfort in the joints caused by injuries or illnesses. We offer chiropractic care, which is designed to bring all parts of your joint back into the proper alignment, including ligaments and tendons. When your joint is properly realigned, you can expect to begin feeling relief from pain and soreness. This alignment allows the nutrients that your body needs to recover to reach the affected area, which helps promote healing.

Chiropractic adjustments can help restore your full range of motion in addition to easing pain and stiffness. These adjustments are performed after you receive a full evaluation of your condition. This helps our Center Point chiropractor determine which course of treatment will be the most effective for you. Chiropractic adjustments are considered a safe form of treatment for joint pain. They are not associated with the risks involved with other forms of treatment, such as prescription pain medication or surgery. Keep in mind that we might recommend having several adjustments done in order to fully relieve joint pain, depending on how severe your condition is. Adjustments are just one part of chiropractic care for joint pain, but we might also recommend other treatment methods. We also offer other types of treatment that can complement adjustments for more effective relief from stiffness and soreness. These include spinal decompression and therapeutic ultrasound. We can also provide you with guidance on adopting a healthier lifestyle in order to reduce your risk of having recurring joint pain.

Contact Our Center Point Joint Pain Doctor
If you have persistent soreness in your back, knees or other joints, contact our Center Point joint pain doctor to set up an appointment. Our chiropractor will evaluate your condition and determine a suitable treatment option to relieve pain.

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