Lower and Upper Back Pain in Center Point

Lower and Upper Back Pain in Center Point AL

Center Point Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Is lower back pain stopping you from living an active life? Frustrated with current treatment options? If you are searching for a safe, effective alternative to pain management medication for relieving low back pain in Center Point, AL, then you’ve come to the right place. When you are suffering from moderate or extreme lower back pain, you deserve immediate pain relief – and that’s exactly what our leading Center Point chiropractor provides. Chiropractic care is a conservative treatment technique that targets the root cause for your pain rather than “covering up” pain with medication. Subluxations (misalignments of the spine) are one of the leading causes for acute and chronic back pain. Chiropractic adjustments correct these misalignments, relieving nerve and muscle compression for long-lasting pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Relief Starts with Chiropractic Care
When a vertebra is misaligned, it places pressure on the spinal nerves, triggering pain. Muscle spasms may set in, which can lead to even greater pain and poor posture, further compressing the lumbar spine. When people experience low back pain, many turn to medication to manage this pain. While medication can provide some relief, it does so by numbing the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Once the drugs wear off, the pain will return. Medication is not a sustainable pain management solution as it also does not address the root cause for your pain. Chiropractic care does. Adjustments are a safe, effective low back pain management technique for restoring correct alignment to the spine. Adjustments help to alleviate nerve compression, which is critical for reducing pain and restoring a greater range of mobility back to the body.

Chiropractic adjustments are also effective for managing sciatica pain, which is linked to lumbar spine compression. Sciatica is a pain condition characterized by shooting and numbing pain sensations in the lumbar spine, buttocks and legs. Sciatica occurs when a misalignment in the lumbar spine compresses the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the body, traveling from the lower back down through the buttocks and legs. This is why sciatica pain seems to radiate throughout the lower body. Sciatic can be incredibly debilitating. Chiropractic care is an effective technique for relieving this pain because adjustments alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve, thereby reducing the main trigger for your pain.

Our Center Point chiropractor follows a whole body approach to low back pain management. This means that in addition to chiropractic care, we offer complementary therapies that are designed to enhance all aspects of our patients’ well-being. For example, stretching, physiotherapy and massage therapy are all beneficial treatment options for providing immediate pain relief. These treatments are a natural complement to chiropractic adjustments. We offer fully customized treatment plans that are designed specifically to manage your unique low back pain management needs.

Don’t let chronic back pain compromise your quality of life. Chiropractic care is a conservative, pain management treatment option that directly addresses the root cause for your pain by correcting the underlying subluxation.

What Causes Upper Back Pain?
Upper back pain can occur for many reasons. It is often due to force-related injuries, such as being rear-ended in a car accident. It can also occur due to any type of assault or strike against a person or a sports injury. Some people develop this type of pain as a result of poor posture. Whether from trauma or another incident, it is important to recognize the need for treatment.

When Should You Seek Out Help for Upper Back Pain?
You should seek out chiropractic care for upper back pain as soon as possible. Often, this type of pain does not develop instantly. It can occur over a period of days or even weeks from when the injury occurred. Generally, the pain feels as though it is radiating outward from the center of the back. It can also cause your shoulders and neck to hurt. If you have these symptoms, it is time to come in to see your chiropractor.

What Upper Back Pain Treatment Can a Chiropractor Provide?
When you come in to see our chiropractor, our first step is to understand the cause of your pain. For upper back pain treatment, this generally starts with an exam followed by x-rays. Once we pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain, we can then move forward with treatment options to address it. In chiropractic care, our goal is to treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just your symptoms.

You may need one or more types of treatment for your upper back pain. For example, we may use spinal manipulation to treat the underlying cause of the pain. During this process, we apply gentle, but a forceful movement to the spinal column to properly align it. In some people, there is a need for spinal decompression to occur, especially if the vertebrae of the spine are no longer aligned and are compressing nerves. Others may benefit from a therapeutic ultrasound that helps to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal in a very specific area.

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