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PI/Workplace Injuries

Personal Injury/Workplace Injuries From Our Birmingham Workplace Injury Chiropractor 

At Gremmels Chiropractic Center we focus on treating workplace injuries and personal injuries. Learn how we can help you find relief after a traumatic personal injury. 

Man with pain after a car accident

What is Personal Injury? 

The term personal injury is broad. What exactly does it mean? There are many injuries that might fall under the category of personal injury. These include: 

  • Falls
  • Slips without falls 
  • Overexertion 
  • Back strain 
  • Shoulder strain 
  • Knee pain 
  • Ankle strain 
  • Multiple injuries

When you become hurt at work, you may be sidelined from working while you recover from the injury. In order to recover fully and return to work, you need restorative and rehabilitative care. 

It is common to get hurt at work through a slip and fall, or through an unintended accident. Other types of personal injuries include sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and auto accident injuries such as whiplash. In all these injuries, there is often an underlying musculoskeletal component that can be treated most successfully with chiropractic.

By treating the injury at the root, we can help you recover faster, heal fully, reduce the development of scar tissue, and get back on your feet. We can also provide lifestyle advice and nutrition tips to help you maintain wellness while you are going through personal injury treatment. 

How Our Chiropractor Treats Personal Injuries

If you suffered an injury, the best thing to do is come visit our chiropractor as soon after the incident as possible. We can help you find relief from your injuries. All of our treatments begin with an examination to uncover the extent of the problem. Then, we will develop a custom treatment plan designed to help you recover from your injuries and become well again. 

We use many different chiropractic techniques including diversified, along with spinal decompression to treat low back injuries.

The diversified technique treats subluxations or misalignments of the spine. By restoring the health of your spine, we are able to reduce inflammation and pain in the body. This can have a dramatic impact on your state of mind as you move through personal injury recovery. Chiropractic also boosts your nervous and immune system functioning, which also helps to speed the pace of your healing.

To heal soft tissue injuries accompanying musculoskeletal injuries, we provide therapeutic ultrasound services. It can take several visits to reverse the symptoms you are feeling and treat the underlying injury. However, most of our patients report that they feel better soon after beginning treatment.

Once we have healed your personal injury, we will restore your strength and range of motion. We may suggest therapeutic stretches or strengthening exercises for you to do at home. When you follow our advice and do these exercises, you can support your recovery to wellness. 

Were you recently injured? If so we encourage you to take the first step in healing today and call us for relief. Call (205) 854-3008 to schedule a free new patient consultation with our chiropractor in Birmingham. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr Gremmel is a kind, generous and caring individual who actually listens. I was in so much pain I couldn't walk when I went to see him. I left a different peedon who had no pain. Recommend him as he qas recommended to me by a nurse. He goes two steps above what he needs to, to make sure he can help."
    D. Ireland
  • "Ive been to several chiropractors and hands down..Dr. Carroll is the best dr! He's so gentle when most chiros are too rough."
    R. Weems